Simple steps that can alleviate pre-college anxiety

Going to a college is an experience that keeps it alive and kicking in our memories since supposedly our last breath. It is where we really start to find ourselves, who we are, the purpose of life, what we can achieve. We start to make some meaningful friends and learn how the reality of life is. We also start to get challenged with new hurdles that will prepare us for a difficult life that lies ahead. It is where each and every one of us develops completely and starts a journey of shaping their future and life. However, going to college means lots of different things to digest upon. Different students have different kinds of questions, stress and confusions before they actually go and attend the college. It all starts from the day they enroll themselves and then wait for things to kick in.


This write-up will act as a guide for students to prepare themselves mentally for college and alleviate any pre-college anxiety:

  • Get to know your college: It is always a good idea to know everything about your college. You can start with their website. Get to know the college’s history, its achievements, their former students who are now successful leaders and how they have worked their way on, and how is your college offering those opportunities, helping students and preparing them for their next chapters in life.
  • Always choose a college that suits you: Do not go for a very alienated college. Always choose the location of your college, its level and college course according to your comfort level and financial capacity. Financial capacity and courses play a significant role in to allowing yourself to be adjusted and settled into the college life.
  • Check the fresher’s event list: The best way to get acquainted with college is to benefit from its fresher’s week, where all activities are planned in such a way that they help students get easily settled in and calm down their anxiety level. Always be sure of those events and try to attend as much as you can.
  • Register for the classes early on and also apply for financial options if you want: Always be an early bird when it comes to registering for courses and financial aid. Getting late in these two will increase your problems and overall stress. Make sure you have planned everything and are active in taking the basic initiatives like these.

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